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The votes are in! This month's Q&A choice is "How can you calm a racing mind before bed?"

Having a racing mind before bed (or right when you hop into bed and hit your pillow) is often a sign that your brain didn’t have a chance to process your worries from the day. A great practice to get in the habit of is scheduling time to worry during the day. Complete this “constructive worry” exercise at least 2-3 hours before bedtime (ideally earlier in the day) and outside of your bedroom.

Grab a piece of paper and draw a line down the middle. Set a timer for 15 min. On the left side of your paper, write down any stressors, worries, or concerns on your mind (you know, the ones likely to intrude at bedtime or keep you awake at night). Once you have a decent list, on the right side of your paper, try to identify the next step to address each worry. Even if you don’t have the final solution, write something down (e.g., "This is out of my control right now” or “I need more information” or “I’ve worried about this enough today, I choose to let go.” There isn’t a right or wrong way to practice this, so feel free to get creative. When your timer goes off, fold your piece of paper up, and put it to the side.

Here's why this exercise works: Should those exact same worries pop up before bed or during the night, remind yourself that you’ve already taken care of those worries, and you’ll address any new worries during your scheduled worry time tomorrow. This practice gives your brain dedicated time to process your worries and offload them onto paper during the day, so they’re less likely to interfere with your sleep at night.

Wishing you a restful Mother's Day weekend!

Dr. Sarah Silverman, Holistic Sleep Specialist @drsarahsleep

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