Sleep tips for World Sleep Day

Happy World Sleep Day! The theme for this year is: Sleep Is Essential for Health

Reader, what comes to mind when you think about health and wellness?

It wouldn’t be surprising if the first things that came to your mind were going to the gym and eating more vegetables.

Sleep is often secondary when we think about health. But without proper sleep, it’s hard to find the energy to exercise, eat well, and do everything that supports optimal wellness.

If you attended our summit, you learned how much sleep truly impacts every aspect of health, from mental health, metabolism, heart health, brain health, the immune system, hunger patterns, and more. (If you missed the summit, grab the replay here).

Here are some sleep tips to consider for World Sleep Day:

Healthy sleep is more than just how long you sleep.

→ Three elements of good quality sleep are:

1️⃣ Duration: The length of sleep should be enough to feel rested and alert the next day.

2️⃣ Continuity: Sleep periods should be fairly continuous without fragmentation. (Keeping in mind that a brief awakening or two is normal)

3️⃣ Depth: Sleep should be deep enough to be restorative.

✅ To improve sleep, start by asking yourself these questions:

❓How restorative does my sleep feel?

❓Do I generally feel refreshed from my sleep?

❓Do I generally feel rested and ready to handle the challenges of life until my next sleep?

Paying attention to your sleep is the first step toward improving your overall health.

Wishing you blissful sleep on this World Sleep Day.

From your panel of international sleep specialists,

Amanda Slinger BSc

Funke Afolabi-Brown MD

Lara Barbir PsyD

Nishi Bhopal MD

Raina Gupta MD

Sarah Silverman PsyD

Smita Patel DO

Valerie Cacho MD

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